Digital Inventory

There are many ways to engage with Montclair State online! From recorded career events to lectures from campus partners, you can access all things Montclair State form the comfort of your home or on your lunch break! You can even support Montclair State by making a gift to a variety of campaigns through our crowdfunding platform, IMPACT Montclair State. To see the full menu, be sure to log in.

Career Webinars and Workshops

  • Finding Your Right Career
  • Take the Work out of Networking
  • Turn Job Interviews Into Offers

Adulting 101 Webinars

  • Savings and Credit
  • A Place to Work and Live
  • Financial Literacy

DigitalU Series

  • Daniel Jean, Executive Director of EOF and Academic Development – “EOF Is”
  • Dawn Hayes, Associate Professor, History – The Norman Sicily Project
  • Yasemin Besen-Cassino, Professor, Sociology – The Gender Wage Gap

IMPACT Montclair State

  • Leave Your MSU Mark
  • Emergency Book Fund
  • Red Hawk Pantry