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Leadership Development: Negotiation in the Workplace - Strategies for the Career Advancement of Women
Followed by Networking Reception

Presented by Executive & Career Coach Tara Chiari of Smile Across The Finish Coaching, LLC and Adjunct Professor of 'Career Management for the MBA Student' at The Feliciano School of Business.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Workshop; 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Networking Reception
Location: Feliciano School of Business, Room 140
Seats are limited – Registration is required.


Negotiation is an essential skill for getting what you want in your career and in your life. While we understand its importance, the idea of promoting ourselves often feels uncomfortable. Besides, shouldn’t proving we can succeed in a position be enough to get promoted into it? Studies have shown that men tend to get promoted based on their perceived potential while women are promoted after proving they can do it. This “potential vs. performance” obstacle is often the result of unconscious gender bias. In this engaging presentation you will gain new insights and understandings about how to negotiate effectively (and authentically) on your own behalf and break the cycle of the ‘potential vs. performance’ roadblock.


Tara Chiari is a Certified Executive Leadership & Career Coach and founder of Smile Across The Finish Coaching LLC. She specializes in coaching business executives and creative professionals in areas of leadership and career development. Tara is also an Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University, Feliciano School of Business, teaching "Career Management for the MBA Student" and a leader in higher education administration, managing career services at Wagner College. Her tenure as a Career Educator stems from 20 years of experience as a former Senior Executive of Marketing and Product Management at major music and entertainment companies (Universal Music, Capitol Records, EMI Music, Sony Music, Mercury Records) in New York City and Hollywood, boosting and launching the careers of rockstars around the world. Tara is recognized by her clients and colleagues for bringing a positive, goal-oriented energy to her coaching practice and teaching methodology. A few fun facts that are at the core of her personal brand, she is an avid runner and 14-time marathoner and in the early days of her career was an aspiring jazz musician, leading the Tara Leigh Jazz Trio on alto saxophone. 


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